ODT-101 Tweeter Car Speaker

ODT-101 Tweeter Car Speaker

The CR-101se tweeter features a 28mm (1.1") treated silk dome, ferrofluid cooling and hexagonal shaped aluminum voice coil wire for higher power handling. Equipped with a vented magnet system and rear chamber, this tweeter has a very open sound and a low resonant frequency (you can cross this tweeter as low as 2,000 Hz with a 12dB network).

Mounting Depth
94mm (3.7")
47mm (1.9")
37mm (1.5")
76mm (3.0")
Power (RMS) 200 Watts
Peak Power (10ms) 1,000 Watts
Dome Silk Soft Dome
Specially Treated
Voice Coil 28mm (1.1")
hexagonal wire
aluminum wire
aluminum former
Frequency Response 1,800 - 22,000 Hz
FS 700 Hz
Sensitivity 91 dB
RE 5.5 Ohms
VAS 0.01 liters
Net Weight 0.6 Kg (1.3 lbs)



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