ODT - 58

ODT - 58

The Renaissance MR-56 soft dome midrange is our best sounding midrange we have built to date. It is a new and exciting product from omega audio. It features our new style aluminum grill that is designed for protection while letting the most music reach your ears. The specially treated fabric dome produces smooth, silky music. An internal chamber helps to open up the sound and lower the resonant frequency. Hexagonal shaped aluminum voice coil wire, and an aluminum former and ferrofluid cooling maximizes heat transfer allowing the driver to run cooler and handle high power.
made in israel

Mounting Depth
120mm (4.7")
49mm (1.9")
35mm (1.4")
100mm (3.9")
Power Handling (RMS) 200 Watts
Transient Power (10ms) 1,000 Watts
Voice Coil Diameter 55mm (2.2")
Dome Material Treated Fabric
Magnetic System Ferrite
Frequency Response 450 - 6,000 Hz
Resonant Frequency (FS) 420 Hz
Sensitivity 1 watt/m 91 dB
DC Resistance (RE) 5.2 Ohms
Net Weight 1.2 Kg (2.5 lbs)
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